apartment living with a dog

Tips for Apartment Living With a Dog

Apartment Living and having a dog don’t always go well together. Here are some tips that make to make living with pets in an apartment an enjoyable and stress-free experience. Create a bathroom schedule Not only does feeding your pup around the same time every day help with digestion, it helps with their potty schedule…

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Uptown Apartment Project is First in Clark County to Achieve LEED Certification

To be more environmentally responsible to the community and the residents of The Uptown apartments in downtown Vancouver, the folks at Cascadia Development Partners, LLC felt it necessary to pursue a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. After implementing several specific measures to achieve LEED certification for the project, The Uptown achieved LEED…

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apartment living

Indulging in Luxury: The Benefits that Make Apartment Living Appealing

The rising demand for apartment real estate has proven that an increasing portion of the Vancouver population is beginning to prefer apartment living over renting or owning a house. The advantages, benefits, and convenience of living in an apartment have made it a popular lifestyle trend. Luxury apartments centrally located near ample amenities further enhance…

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Tenants Begin Moving in to Uptown Apartments in Vancouver, WA

The Uptown Living apartments in Vancouver, WA are opened for temporary occupancy until the building is fully completed in a few weeks. The long-anticipated, 167-unit, premium quality apartment building welcomed its first resident three weeks ago, and has seen numerous residents move in since then. As construction continues, residents will only have access to floors…

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