apartment livingThe rising demand for apartment real estate has proven that an increasing portion of the Vancouver population is beginning to prefer apartment living over renting or owning a house. The advantages, benefits, and convenience of living in an apartment have made it a popular lifestyle trend. Luxury apartments centrally located near ample amenities further enhance the appeal to this lifestyle.

Here are some of the advantages that may convince you to join the movement and rent a new apartment.

  1. Convenience

One of the many advantages of living in a luxury apartment is its location. Imagine living comfortably in the center of the city where everything is located nearby. This may include your workplace, entertainment and leisure establishments, as well as public transport. The ability to walk to these essential spots has become a necessity for many when considering the location of their home.

  1. Amenities

Aside from the fact that centrally located luxury apartment buildings are often situated near countless amenities, your apartment will likely offer things to do onsite. Unlike some more common apartments, luxury multifamily homes will aim to provide residents with versatile common areas to relax and unwind, conduct a casual business meeting, or even watch the game. Using these spaces is a great way to avoid cabin fever and connect with neighbors.

Luxury apartments are also complete with beautiful features that make the space feel like home. With modern designs and stunning views, how could you go wrong?

  1. Maintenance

Another benefit of living in an apartment is the convenience of hassle-free maintenance compared to living in a house. If you are renting an apartment, this responsibility usually falls under management, so you won’t have to worry when the shower drain gets clogged or a lightbulb burns out.

An apartment is usually smaller than a house, so in terms of size, cleaning and keeping it in pristine condition won’t be difficult. Regular, daily cleaning won’t take long and taking out the garbage is a breeze.

  1. Flexibility

Apartment living offers you far more flexibility than buying a house. If you are renting an apartment, leasing allows you to make a short-term commitment to your living situation. Many people prefer this because over time, it provides freedom to work in different areas, try out different living situations, find a place to stay until the perfect permanent home comes along, or a multitude of other reasons. If you are one who enjoys luxury living without commitment to one property long-term, renting an apartment is your best bet.

  1. Safety and security

One of the biggest advantages of living in an apartment is the level of security provided to all residents. Entry and exit points to the building are locked to the outside. Non-residents are unable to enter the premises without the assistance of those who live or work there.

Another added security benefit is the proximity to your neighbors. They will likely keep an eye out and report any unusual or suspicious behavior to the property manager or police, if necessary.


There are ample benefits to luxury apartment living that outweigh other living situations for many. If you are interested in seeing for yourself, schedule a free tour at The Uptown Apartments today by calling the leasing team at 360.900.1649.