apartment living with a dogApartment Living and having a dog don’t always go well together. Here are some tips that make to make living with pets in an apartment an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Create a bathroom schedule

Not only does feeding your pup around the same time every day help with digestion, it helps with their potty schedule as well! This paired with allowing them to relieve themselves at regular intervals will make for a somewhat consistent schedule, enabling both you and your dog to know when it’s about “time.”

Create a dog-walking Network

Odds are there are other people in your building who may need a hand letting their pet out during the day. Your neighbors could be essential to keeping your pet comfortable and relieved throughout the day. But remember, reciprocity is crucial. Make yourself available at certain times and work together to keep your doggos happy.

Let ‘em run! (or walk)

Make sure that your pet is getting adequate exercise throughout the day. Depending on your pet’s activity level, you may want to walk around the block, jog to the waterfront, or throw a frisbee at one of Clark County’s off-leash dog parks. Striking a balance between keeping your dog cooped up and overly exhausted can be difficult, so try different activities out and pay attention to your dog’s needs and demeanor.

Invest in effective cleaning supplies

No matter how fine-tuned your walking schedule is or how quickly you can get your pet to a patch of grass, there might be accidents occasionally. Be prepared for this by keeping appropriate cleaning supplies on-hand for most of the surfaces in your home. Keep carpet, laminate, and textile cleaning solutions around and be sure to clean any mess as soon as you see it. What might have not been a big deal if scrubbed right away could wind up costing you if not cleaned and sanitized promptly. If you do notice an issue that requires additional attention, be sure to alert maintenance staff or management.

Hire a Daycare

If you work during the day, your best bet may be to simply leave your dog at daycare while you’re out. There are many local doggy-daycares who see a multitude of four-legged apartment residents daily. If you can’t be sure that your pup can make it through the day without destroying your belongings, home, or disturbing your neighbors, daycare is a simple solution.